China 6 Level Automated Puzzle Parking System,car parking system

 China 6 Level Automated Puzzle Parking System,car parking system

Model No.︰KQLS

Brand Name︰KAI QIAN

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 set

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Product Description

China 6 Level Automated Puzzle Parking System,car parking system


Operating Principle:


This is multi-column design equipment. The ground level can only slide right or left, the top level can only  lift and the middle levels can both slide and lift. Except the top levl,there's an empty space on each level that can slide right or left. Cars parked/unparked by the lifting of car pallets on top level,the sliding of car pa;;ats on middle levels. Parking space on ground level can park/unparked car directly. When parking/unparking car on middle level,the car pallets that underneath the parked/unparked car all slide right or left to leave am empty space and make the empty space just underneath the parked/unparked cae. So the car pallet can reach to ground level,then the car can be parked or unparked. The park/unpark procrss can be seen in below diagrams.


Products Features:

1. The system structure is very flxible and can be arranged according to your side condition and requirements.

2. About awning design ,can be designed according to your requirement,such as full awning type, part awning type and simple awning type and no awning type.

3. Save land area and take full use of space,the parking quantity is about 5 times compared with normal plane parking lot.

4. Low equipment cost and maintenance cost.

5. Lift smoothly and low noise,conveient for car go in or out.

6.Comprehensive security protection system,such as safety anti-falling hook,mechanism detect people or car entering,car parking limit mechanism, interlock mechanism, emergency brake mechanism.

7. Adopt PLC automatic control system, use button, IC card and remote control system, make operation very easy.

Applicable occasion:

This is an above ground type parking system,it's suitable for residential area, commercial centre, office building,stations,hospital etc. 


Suitable parking cars:

model small car mid-size car large car over size car
car size length*width*heigt length*width*heigt   length*width*heigt   length*width*heigt
 mm  <=4400*1750*1450  <=4700*1800*1450  <=5000*1850*1550  <=5300*1900*1550
   e.g.:JETTA  e.g.:Passat  e.g.:Audi A6  e.g.:Benz560
 car wight  <=1300kg  <=1500kg  <=1700kg  <=2350kg

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