Automatic Vertical Rotary Parking System

Technical Parameter 



Car Dimension*Weight


Car no.

8-16 per set



Max. Car Out-time


Lifting model 


Control system


Operation model

Slot card+digital button+remote-control



1.Flexible, vertical cycle series parking system covers small area, flexible, and can be set up independently, 
also can be attached into building, also can be more than one combination,small vertical cycle series parking equipment can be Installed in the living area, beside the building, save the land space.
2.Rapidly, parking car and taking car out in short time.
3.Economically,build vertical type parking system can save the considerable cost of purchasing land, conductive to the rational planning and optimize the design,improve the comprehensive economic benefit.
4.Save electric power, vertical circulating mechanical parking system typically does not require forced ventilation, no large-area lighting, power consumption only 35% of the common underground parking garage.


1.Less land occupation, large capacity, high density parking.
2.Single garage could be disposed multi-entrances to improve the using efficiency and relieve congestion at the peak period.
3.Automatically revolving and U-turn while parking and picking out for users convenience.
4.Full use of spaces and flexible building garage according to area and users’ request.
5.Flexible structures as the whole ground structure or half underground structure, steel structure or concrete structure.
6.High efficiency and fast speed: realized multi-user’s parking and picking at the same time; average parking time is no more than 90 seconds.